Sunday, 6 December 2009


The most asked question from the visitors of this blog is which one is better? Honed or Polished? At last i decide to write something about this. As a manufacturer and a supplier i think its our responsibility to answer. Many suppliers don’t think much about their products which they had sold. How is it look or is there something wrong with it when it is installed. I have read some forums about this case. And also have knowledge from our customers. We hope this information can be useful to make a decision.

There are two factors which effects the choice of the finish type; look and suitability. First of all it is very important where you install your tile. Then, of course comes its view.

As mentioned before in this blog, a honed tile is half polished. It has a matte look and when you touch its surface you don’t feel any roughness, it’s smooth. You can use this kind of tile in everywhere, walls and floors of kitchens, bathrooms and etc. And don’t need to worry about slipperiness. It is really easy to clean and protect your honed tiles.

Most of the people prefers a shiny and modern look in his/her house. They choose polished travertine tiles and never mind the slippery ground. A polished tile is going to be slippery when it gets wet. That is why we don’t recommend polished kind for especially bathroom floors and around the pools. You can use it everywhere except these places. But also, i know some people who uses polished tiles in their bathroom and don’t complain about slippery grounds.

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jetrojmael said...

To check,butt 2 tiles together and see if theres a small space. If so , you can butt them as you stack them and use an un sanded grout.

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