Thursday, 26 November 2009


How many of us know the difference between tumbled and brushed (patinato) travertine tiles? Or how many of us see both types together and manage to ever compare them? I guess not so many. The reason is simple. You need some tiles for your home to install and you think first what you want to buy. At last you decide to buy natural stone. You might see in somebodies house or you came upon when you was searching the internet. I’m sure that many of us are satisfied with it and focus on only that product. Big mistake, big loss! If we saw tumbled or brushed in somewhere, we just want to have it. Why? Because, it was looked great and we have never seen the other type. Why don’t you have a different style in your home?

Tumbled tiles are aged natural travertine. Has rounded edges as a pebble transporting by the sea and river for years having a roundness. Today by the help of the machines and for a short time the same aged look can be provided. The given athmosphere to your home is really fabulous. The ones who have ever been to historical places surely felt the mystic air of the old looking buildings and Turkish baths. May be you didn’t looked at so carefully but when you entered inside, you covered by a different athmosphere. The taken from the tiles by the time – actually it is not taken, given beauty – now you can give to your home as tumbled travertine tiles. Slightly rounded edges, soften natural looking holes and matte and smooth surface.

Brushed travertine in other words patinato travertine tiles, looks like a cheese with holes. Of course its’ holes are not seem so sharp, they are softened because of the brushed surface. Also its’ surface extremely soft and when you touch it you feel its wavy surface like at seas. This effect of brush on the surface provides a different style to travertine tile. After breaking the edges brushing the tiles, reduces the sharpness of the chipped edges and mostly preferred. A chipped edged french pattern set on the floor of your home and you walking barefoot on it …..Choice is yours …..;)

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